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laying netball at a high level requires a lot of dedication – but playing a shooting position at a high level requires mega levels of dedication! Shooter’s are often referred by other members of the team as the ‘glory hunters’. The truth is, we may be – but we deserve that title (and the glory)! Shooter spend hours outside of regular team training practising and refining their technique.

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There’s a few key things I learnt through years of training, things to really focus on during your shooting practise sessions:

Always follow your shots on; fight for your own rebounds. When you practise shooting, constantly run to the post to rebound your own shot. Don’t be caught admiring your shot, you really must get into the rhythm of chasing in your goals. By practising this in training you learn how to read the rebound of your shot which gives you the advantage over any defender – honestly how fantastic is it when shooter’s get their own rebound? It can really lift your team!

Mix up your shots and time between shots. Rarely do you shoot goals from the same spot during a game, so mix up the shot location. Also try to take a decent time break between shots. In some matches, there may be a 2, 3, 5, 10 minute break between each shot you take. In between shooting incorporate some fitness into your shooting sessions.

Only count the shots that go in the hoop. If you plan to shoot 150 goals; make sure that’s 150 goals that go ‘up and in’ –not attempts!

For more shooting tips check out the Up and In netball shooting e-book.