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Netball shooting interview with current Sydney Swift and former Leeds Carnegie & Queensland Firebird, Carla Dziwoki.

"Ask questions...LOTS of questions. Sometimes being told you are not good enough is the best thing you can hear"

Carla Dziwoki netball shooter

Carla Dziwoki - Player Profile

Position: GA, GA.
Netball career highlights: 
Firebirds 2006 - 2009
Team Northumbria (UK): 2008 - 2009
Leeds Carnegie: 2010
Sydney Swifts - 2011
Australian Under 21 Team
AIS Scholarship Holder


Up and In: How do you get your eye in on match-day? What's your pre-match routine? 
Carla: I like to keep my match day relatively normal. If it is a home game I will often just go for a walk see some friends. I like to listen to music so on the way to the game I like to pump some of my favourtie songs. When at the game I always need to hit the post to get my eye in. I only really like to shoot till the shots start to feel good.

Up and In: If you've missed a couple shots and not feeling confident during a game, how do you recover?
Carla Before a game if I am missing some shots in the warm up I tell myself that I am just getting all the bad shots out the way. In a game I always like to get my first shot in...bit of a neve settler. If I dont I just keep trying to put my shots up. I have confidence in my technique and know that it will come. Everyone has a bad game though...what matters is how you bounce back.

Up and In: What do you think, personally, has been the biggest factor into getting you playing at national level?
Carla: I was playing in a very strong state league coach in Adelaide when I was 20 and I had a coach that instilled a lot of confidence in me. We played against the AIS and beat them in a grand final where Norma Plumber asked me to trial for the Institute. I made the squad that that was my first big break. Norma was a brilliant coach who also had a lot of faith in me. It was there I learnt how to train hard and got experience playing against some of the best netballers in the world.

Up and In: What's the best advice you could give to an up-and-coming shooter? 
Carla: Ask questions...LOTS of questions. Sometimes being told you are not good enough is the best thing you can hear, as you then know what you can work on to become better. For me being told I wasnt good enough to make a state team was one of the turning points in my netball career. I was upset at first when I was told I needed to play more than just goal shooter. But I went away and with the help of my state league coach became a regular goal attack and have not looked back since.

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