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QLD Firebird - Alissa Castrisos


"I didn't always make every representative team when I was younger but I didn't let that discourage me"

Alissa Castrisos Netball Shooter

Netball career highlights:
Position: GA, GS, WA
Firebirds 2004 - 2010
Queensland Open, U21 and U19 teams, Australian U19 squads

Up and In: How do you get your eye in on match-day? What's your pre-match routine? 
Alissa: On match day I normally head down to my local court to put up a few shots early in the morning. I always start shooting fairly close to the post and once I'm feeling comfortable at that range, then start to move further and further out once my shots are going in nicely. Once I've worked my way out towards the edge of the circle, I will start to mix up the type of shots that I am shooting, eg step in shots, turn and shoot, falling out of court, lines of 5 consecutive shots etc. I would normally shoot for about 15-20 minutes. When I arrive at the court before the game, I repeat this process again.

Up and In: If you've missed a couple shots and not feeling confident during a game, how do you recover? 
Alissa: Try not to worry about it, and go back to the basics with your shooting technique the next time you have an opportunity to shoot - remember to use your legs on the shot to give you power, take your time to line up the shot and get that flick of the wrist as you release the ball.

Up and In: What do you think, personally, has been the biggest factor into getting you playing at national level? 
Alissa: I've always kept persisting at it because I love the sport - I didn't always make every representative team when I was younger but I didn't let that discourage me and I kept training hard and trying out and eventually was rewarded with selection.

Up and In: What's the best advice you could give to an up-and-coming shooter? 
Alissa: Keep training hard and enjoying your netball - in my experience you play your best when you are having fun so make sure you remember the reason you play netball! Also, if you experience any disappointments or aren't selected in a particular team, don't be discouraged - learn from it, work harder and keep trying!

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