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The Up and In netball shooting e-book has been available on the net since August 2010. Netball coaches and players from around the world have downloaded the e-book and here are their testimonials (most feedback was anonymous) from the netball shooting customer survey.

If you like their feedback and would like to purchase the Up and In ebook, click here.


Melinda, Coach Sydney


As a coach I found it hard to obtain good information regarding shooting as I have never played in that position before. This book covered almost every question I had and more. I would recomend it to any coach or shooter because it is a must have.

Jenny Winstone Bishops Stortford Netball Club


I shall enjoy reading the E-book (as a shooter) and then passing on the skills either verbally or in print to our shooters!

Brenda UK


I only wish I had more time to use this and any other resource more fully!

Out of Time Victoria, Australia


I think the book is great, my shooters have read it as well, I find it easy to understand and extremely helpful.

Super Coach Australia


Loved that it is written in very easy to understand descriptions.

Netball Shooter Australia


“I was happy with the whole booklet and found the netball shooting technique chapter most useful" .

New Technique New Zealand


I think the shooting e book is great! Is there anything similar for centre court and defending? This has been so useful!